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My new adult book, BEST KIND OF BROKEN , is coming out on March 4th, ! Ahhhhh! That’s just a little over 5 weeks! Are you guys freaking out? Because I’M freaking out!

THIS IS SUPER UBER EXCITING! And in honor of all the excitement that’s bubbling out of me, I’m posting a little excerpt. Hee-hee! Enjoy!


“Is this skirt too short?” I tug the skirt down, but my booty is too bootylicious to be properly contained so the material bounces right back up.

“No. You look hot.” Jenna lowers the eyeliner. “But what’s with the granny sweater?”

She means the cardigan I threw on to hide my scar. I’m not ashamed of my scar—not at all—but I don’t want to run into Levi with my chest exposed and risk a repeat of the other day. A knot forms in my stomach and I swallow to keep it from rising into my throat.

“I was cold.” I shrug.

With a few more fruitless yanks of my skirt, I turn back around and start digging through my stuff for another deadly makeup utensil.

“So,” she says casually as she goes back to lining her eyes. “How’s the sex thing going with Matt?”

Oh jeez.

“It’s not,” I say.

She scrunches her nose. “Was your first time really so bad?”

My sexual experience is limited to a one-time disaster with a guy named Benji Barker—that was his name, I kid you not—and it was drunk and sloppy and just…bleh.

I always thought losing my virginity would be a memorable event with fireworks and theme music and maybe a parade afterward.

But no. It was more like, Hey, so thanks for the horribly awkward sex. Let’s never speak again .

“No,” I say, searching the depths of the black hole that is my makeup bag for my mascara. “I mean, it was uncomfortable as hell, but it wasn’t bad.

Определяем размер

I just haven’t been able to get into it with Matt yet. Or the guy before him...or the guy before that guy.” Ugh.

“Pixie!” calls someone from the hallway.


I haven’t heard his voice for three days and all my senses immediately go on alert. My eyes snap to the mirror just as his reflection enters in the bathroom doorway and my heart stammers at the sight.

He’s wearing dark jeans and an untucked shirt that fits his frame perfectly.

The top two buttons of his shirt are undone, showing off the tan skin of his thick throat, and I suddenly sympathize with vampires everywhere. Who wouldn’t want to take a bite out of that?


Where did that thought come from?

“Hey, Pixie. Ellen wanted me to…” Levi’s words trail off as his gaze runs down my body and lingers on the backside of my short, leather skirt. Desire flashes in his eyes and my insides start to heat and tighten in response. Our eyes lock in the mirror.

Am I blushing?

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Crap, I’m blushing.

He clears his throat and starts again. “Ellen wanted me to give these to you. She says you lost yours.” He lays a set of inn keys on the counter by my hip, his hand so close to my belly I can feel his body heat seeping in through my clothes.

I nod. I swallow. I try not to pass out.

Or you know, bite him.

“Oh, right. Thanks,” I say, my voice all ragged like I just finished running a marathon or something. I’m so cool.

“So yeah.» He pauses. «Later.” Then he rigidly moves from the bathroom mirror.

I stare at the hallway that replaces him, suddenly feeling myself.


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Written by ChelseaFine

From the beginning, the Tanimura Antle Families have been committed to sustainable social, economic, and environment practices in the production and distribution of premium quality, fresh produce. Our Hydroponic Greenhouse in Livingston, TN demonstrates our commitment to leading edge sustainable growing practices.

Hydroponic farming is a sustainable growing practice that uses natural energy and 90% less water than traditional farming methods. Growing hydroponically is considered the most water conscious farming system. The lettuce floats on a raft with the lettuce’s roots suspended in pools of water. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and the temperature of the greenhouse are all controlled so that we can optimize the growth of the plants.

Growing in a controlled environment also means less exposure to contamination, pests, and disease, requiring less herbicides and pesticides.

One acre used to grow our hydroponic lettuce equals approximately 50 conventional acres, requiring less land and natural resources. Our regionally grown and distributed Hydroponic Butter Lettuce provides a consistent, year-round, fresh product that is grown in custom-designed hydroponic greenhouses.

Read more about the growing process here.

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